The Frontier GIS Platform has been built utilizing the ArcGIS Server software program. Currently, our Platform consists of an interactive map. However, over the next several months, information and data pertaining to our Annual List of Projects, the Transportation Improvement Program, traffic and accident data, and other appropriate regional transportation data and products will be added to the Frontier GIS Platform.

Please CLICK HERE to access the Frontier MPO GIS Platform

Travel Demand Forecasting

The MPO will begin the process to develop a travel demand model for the Frontier Metropolitan Planing Study Area. The model will be developed utilizing TransCAD, 2010 Census Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ), employment data, and American Community Survey (ACS) data. Staff delineated the TAZ zones for the Metropolitan Planning Area in June 2011. The travel demand model will use 2010 as a base year for the model development. A roadway network with link attributes will be developed in-house. The model will be developed to produce a 2040 forecast to meet the accepted calibration requirements to be used for travel demand forecasting.

Western Arkansas Planning & Development District (WAPDD) currently is the geographic information system provider for the 911 system in Sebastian and Crawford County and is the GIS department/overall provider for the two counties. Frontier MPO and WAPDD has the technical capacity and resources to develop, maintain, and perform travel demand modeling within the Metropolitan Planning Area.