What is an MPO?

A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) serves as the regional transportation planning organization for an urbanized area. Funding is received from the US Department of Transportation through each state’s Department of Transportation.

How is an urbanized area defined?

An urbanized planning area is defined as the area projected to become urbanized within the next 20 years. All US urban areas with a population over 50,000 are required by the 1973 Highway Act to have an MPO structure to administer transportation planning programs.

When can I participate?

All meetings are open the public and abide by Title VI/Title II compliances. Public participation is encouraged at every meeting. Multiple public participation opportunities regarding pedestrian/bike plans, road construction planning, are available throughout the year. To receive upcoming meeting information, please contact us at (479) 785-2651.

Where is the MPO at work in my community?

The MPO serves as a liaison between local governments and state and federal agencies regarding major regional transportation improvements. The MPO is recognized by government entities as the official forum for regional transportation planning undertaken in a cooperative, continuing, and comprehensive manner in order to maximize the benefits and expenditure of funds in transportation planning.